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Patients wait 14-77 days for tissue biopsy results,1 often defaulting to chemotherapy instead of receiving the benefit of targeted therapy matched to their tumor’s molecular profile. Highly-sensitive, blood-based biopsies with OncoBEAM™ provide results in 5-7 days, minimizing treatment delays.

OncoBEAM™ provides test results in 5–7 days

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How much confidence can you put in results from a month-old tissue biopsy that may not represent a tumor’s overall status? OncoBEAM™ liquid biopsy assays are minimally invasive, highly sensitive and can overcome tumor molecular heterogeneity to deliver rapid results,2 helping you make critical decisions quickly.

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Tissue biopsies can be risky and inadequate. Sometimes, a sample doesn’t provide a full picture or more tests may need to be performed. That’s when patients face having to undergo repeat procedures. Blood-based biopsies with OncoBEAM™ require only a simple blood draw and there is plenty of sample.

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