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Sysmex Inostics announces agreement with IndivuTest to offer Sysmex Inostics blood based mutation testing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland



Sysmex Inostics, a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, today announced that they have signed an exclusive distributor agreement with IndivuTest GmbH, and its parent company Indivumed GmbH, a cancer research company focused on the development of individualized cancer diagnostics and therapies. This collaboration will offer Sysmex Inostics OncoBEAM™ CLIA laboratory services throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. IndivuTest will be responsible for commercial and sample logistics, with all testing being performed in the Sysmex Inostics’ CLIA laboratory in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sysmex Inostics’ highly sensitive OncoBEAM™ services allow for molecular genetic analysis of cell-free tumor DNA from blood or plasma, delivering an individualized approach to complement treatment decision-making in oncology. OncoBEAM™, a non-invasive platform, reveals new possibilities for cancer management, while minimizing costs and risks inherent with tissue biopsies. The OncoBEAM™ assays target a wide variety of clinically actionable genetic mutations in various cancers like melanoma, colorectal, breast and lung cancer, delivering information in real-time to support therapy selection, detection of emergent mutations and assessment of drug response.

“We are delighted to partner with IndivuTest as our distributor for clinical OncoBEAM™ tests,” commented Vishal Sikri, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Sysmex Inostics. “Sysmex Inostics is committed to driving precision medicine and one of our initiatives is to expand access to the OncoBEAM™ testing services outside of the United States. We are extremely excited to be able to provide our services to cancer patients in the DACH region through IndivuTest, as OncoBEAM™ offers a significant enhancement to clinical care over traditional tissue-based molecular testing.”

Sikri went on to state that “IndivuTest is an ideal partner to introduce the full range of our CLIA-certified laboratory service portfolio to German, Austrian and Swiss oncologists and pathologists and we are proud to provide our customers with such a high level of service and local support.”

Hartmut Juhl, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of IndivuTest, as well as its parent company Indivumed GmbH stated that “this most recent collaboration with Sysmex Inostics is a tremendous opportunity for our companies to continue our long standing partnership, bringing targeted diagnostics and therapies to the bedside of cancer patients.” Juhl went on to point out that Sysmex is a trusted partner of the Indivumed Group of companies, having successfully acquired Inostics from Indivumed in 2013. “Our companies share a vision to help every cancer patient attack their disease in the most effective and targeted manner possible” said Juhl.

About Sysmex Inostics

Sysmex Inostics, a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, is a molecular diagnostic company whose core competency is mutation detection utilizing highly sensitive technologies such as Plasma-Sequencing and BEAMing. Sysmex Inostics is a trusted partner to leading pharmaceutical companies, advancing their efforts to bring the most effective personalized cancer therapies to global markets.

With BEAMing being one of the most sensitive technologies available today for the detection of tumor specific somatic mutations in blood samples, Sysmex Inostics’ OncoBEAM™ services are readily available to support clinical trials and research in oncology. Furthermore, Sysmex Inostics companion diagnostics (CDx) team offers services for the development of non-invasive cell-free DNA-based IVD tests supported by a growing network of partners to cover the entire IVD development process. In addition, OncoBEAM™ tests are available through a CLIA certified laboratory for routine clinical analysis.

Sysmex Inostics’ headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany; Sysmex Inostics’ Clinical Laboratory is located in Baltimore, Maryland; Sysmex Inostics’ Service Laboratory is located in Hamburg, Germany. For more information on OncoBEAM blood testing and the BEAMing technology refer to www.sysmex-inostics.com or email info@sysmex-inostics.com.

About Indivumed and IndivuTest

INDIVUMED has established the world’s leading high-content tumor database and biobank of the highest quality to support the development of new cancer companion diagnostics and therapies. Alongside the implementation of a highly standardized biospecimen collection process and a unique clinical infrastructure with clinical partners in Germany and the US, INDIVUMED offers a broad range of specialized research services to both biopharmaceutical companies and academia, as well as actively performing a cancer biomarker development program. With its subsidiary IndivuTest GmbH, INDIVUMED provides high-quality tissue-based tumor analysis to patients and has started an initiative with oncologists in Germany and the US to improve personalized cancer therapy strategies in clinical procedures. For more information about Indivumed and IndivuTest, please refer to the following – indivumed.com and indivutest.com

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